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These types of synthetic turfs are preferred by Terra Firma Turf due to their realistic appearance, durability, and large variety of turf selections. It is ideal for play areas, around pools, casual settings, at stone steppers, and much more.
The new generation of synthetic turf made of lead free Polyethylene, Monofilament blades and Polyurethane backing material.
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Major advancements in synthetic turf technology has brought a realistic color weave to the market.

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We would like show you some samples if you like. Just contact us and tell us your needs. There’s nothing like feeling it under your own 2 feet to get the idea.
Just go to the CONTACT page and tell us about your project. The possibilities are many when it comes to synthetic turf technology today.
Let’s get together for a chat about your particular needs and we will show you a turf thats best suited for you and your estate.
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